Broken crayons still make lipstick?


I’m not a makeup enthusiast, but I do love my lipsticks. Being a mother of two boys, I spend lots of money on lipstick because they break them, or use them as colors/paint. I have photos and videos to prove this. Now now, don’t say “well you should put them where they can’t get them”, because I do. Somehow they always manage to find them. I generally buy drugstore brands because they don’t require me to spend much, and I’m not too terribly upset when I have to replace them. 

Porque de mis dos chicos (because of my two boys), I also have a crapload of broken crayons. I typically buy crayons once a month. 

Thanks to dear ol’ Pinterest, I was searching ways to make my own lipsticks. Well, because quite frankly I’m tired of replacing lipstick, so I figured I’d make my own. Anywho, I came across several ways to make my own lipsticks. For some reason, the tutorials using crayons jumped out at me. Y’all! I was really impressed by this, all those fun lip colors. Like really! Then I got mad because I thought about all the broken crayons I trash, that I could’ve been making lipsticks with. 

Just about all the tutorials used some sort of oil and melted crayons to acheive the final product. I thought easy enough, I’ll give it a go. So I went out and got crayons for myself, and some containers to store each color in. As far as I know, crayons are fairly safe. I mean kids eat them, ya know. Plus they can’t be any worse than any of the makeup products out. 

Now that I had a fresh box of crayons, I was ready to begin. To begin with I only chose 6 colors. I put a tablespoon of coconut oil into a small glass, along with a crayon. I then placed the glass into a pot of boiling water. It took about two minutes for the crayon to melt into the oil.  


I did this for each color. Third crayon in, and the glass cracked. I resorted to using these little red plastic cups I had. They work just as fine. I used the same amount of oil, I just broke the crayon into two pieces.  


With this method, I stirred the mixture with a skewer, so the crayon wouldn’t get stuck in the crevices of the cup. I poured each mixture into portion cups. To my surprise, they were fairly creamy once solidified. 

Heres what I ended up with for this test run.  Pretty neat if I must say so. 

By the time I had finished each one, my boys were still napping, so I applied each color. The colors were freakin awesome, and after I wiped them off, my lips were super soft. The only con I have is that they were more like lip balm/stain rather than lipstick.  That’s actually fine for now. I’m going to get beeswax or something and play with the measurements until it’s a creamy consistency to my liking. All in all I’m pretty satisfied. A great perk to this is that I can mix colors or add glitter. 

Now I’ll be a little more hesitant to trash broken crayons. If the boys manage to get into them, I can say that they are still technically crayons. You guys know the saying “Broken crayons still color”? Now I can say ” Broken crayons still make lipstick”

As I tweak the formula, I’ll come back and update!

  Here’s the purple, and it lasted a few hours. 


Here’s a look at the green crayon lipstick. I used it for a Mardi Gras themed photo. 



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