Social Media, a Passive Aggressive Safe Haven

In this day and age, passive aggressive behavior is at an all time high. At least in my opinion. We have social media to thank for that. Yes, we have all participated in passive aggressive behavior online, but truly passive aggressive people are thriving off this. 

Nowadays people will post statuses, memes, quotes, and even go as far as commenting on things they know will be seen by the person/people they are targeting.

What ever happened to simply telling people how you felt?!? For me I can respect a person who simply told me whatever their issue was with me. People act as if confrontation is a bad thing. If both parties are mature and will conduct themselves accordingly, issues could quite possibly be resolved.  


I’ll have you know that the indirect directness of social media only fuels ones disdain for you. Grow up, get a back bone and, address your issues. Life is entirely to short to not simply tell people what the nuisance is.

As aforementioned, we have all participated in passive aggressive behavior online. Own up to it, but please refrain from hiding behind virtual doors. 


I’m sure this post will be seen as passive aggressive as well, but someone had to say it. 

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