How To Cheat Death: Book Review 

March 2015 was when my life changed forever. I had lost my job due to my sons hospitalization, I had some money put away and we were ok for awhile. When I did get back into the job market, I kept being told I was overqualified, and that they were afraid a person with my experience would leave if a better opportunity presented itself. Well duh! Anyhow it was with all those denials, that I decided to work for myself and make my dreams become reality.

How To Cheat Death Nine Keys To Overcoming A Dead Broke Mentality is a great read, a book I wish I had encountered when I first decided to step out and make my dreams a reality. This book was coauthored by Skyler Dennis and Jamonica Nunnery. I first encountered Skyler in undergrad, we had an 8AM Sociology class together my first semester and shared mutual friends.

This novel is intended to inspire readers to take back the reins of their life, and strive for greatness in every area. How To Cheat Death presents readers with scenarios that are relatable to by almost anyone, and question everything that has been instilled into you. It forces one to ask “Am I truly living life?”. When presented with such information, one cannot help but to “awaken”, filled with a new energy to thrive in all facet of life.

Not only is it a novel, but it is a life manual of sorts. It comes equipped with assignments to help readers refocus, reorganize, and recharge life energy in order to make dreams become realities. Appareled with great information, and stocked with inspirational quotes this novel is a must have! How To Cheat Death is an easy read and great way to jumpstart your dreams for those who haven’t done so already. Can you afford to can you afford to continue to slumber throughout life? Get this novel in your arsenal today! It’ll change your life!


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