Do You Boo!

It’s swimsuit season, yikes! Many of us will be spending more time at beaches, pools, and water parks where we will be showing more skin than usual.

Thanks to social media, there have been memes circulating about beach bodies and whatnot, typical right?

If you’re like me, you have things about your body you don’t like, and may not be comfortable being in a swimsuit.  I am here to tell you the things you do not like, tend to be the things others admire.

In my case, I have lost muscle definition due to me not working out as much like I have done in the past.  As much as I dislike how I look now, so many other mothers compliment me, and I genuinely never know how to feel. It’s quite possible these same women feel the same way when others compliment them. Strange, I know.

I recently wore a two-piece to the pool, and I was freaking out over whether or not people would notice my stretch marks on my stomach. Guess what? NOBODY cared! I was freaking over nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I’m here to tell you, embrace those imperfections! They make you who you are. As I tell people, my stretch marks add character. Don’t let your own thoughts be the thing to discourage you from wearing something you’d totally look bomb in!

When someone compliments you, take it as an affirmation, and don’t be afraid to compliment others. We all need that extra umph every now and again.

This season when venturing to participate in the various water activities, wear what you’re comfortable in, and do you boo!

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