Cauliflower Buffalo Bites

I and my sons LOVE hot wings. 🗣 Love them you hear me! 🗣 So not being able to eat them on my quest to transition myself and my family’s diet to mostly plant based was hard as hell!

I came across countless recipes for cauliflower buffalo bites, and finally decided to try them.

Honestly, each recipe was the same, with maybe one or two things done differently. So I decided to play around with what I had in my kitchen already, with the exception of cauliflower.

Here’s what I did 👇🏾

I cut the leaves off the cauliflower head, and took the florets off as well.

I coated the florets with a mixture of whole wheat flour and water, with some black pepper

I wanted my bites to be a little crispy, so baked them in the oven somewhere between 15-20 minutes on 350.

Once they were brown and crisp, I took them out and coated them with Louisiana Wing Sauce.

They were so good and spicier than I expected. I wasn’t able to plate them and take an awesome pic, as my sons started eating them as soon as I sauced them.

My oldest is sitting next to me as I edit this post, apparently he didn’t know it wasn’t chicken 🤗

Mama 1: Kids 0

I’m going to work on posting regularly about the various foods we try ( I have to work on taking photos of each step).

Thanks for reading, and check out my post Going Green where I initially talk about going on this meatless journey.


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