Do You Boo!

It’s swimsuit season, yikes! Many of us will be spending more time at beaches, pools, and water parks where we will be showing more skin than usual.

Thanks to social media, there have been memes circulating about beach bodies and whatnot, typical right?

If you’re like me, you have things about your body you don’t like, and may not be comfortable being in a swimsuit.  I am here to tell you the things you do not like, tend to be the things others admire.

In my case, I have lost muscle definition due to me not working out as much like I have done in the past.  As much as I dislike how I look now, so many other mothers compliment me, and I genuinely never know how to feel. It’s quite possible these same women feel the same way when others compliment them. Strange, I know.

I recently wore a two-piece to the pool, and I was freaking out over whether or not people would notice my stretch marks on my stomach. Guess what? NOBODY cared! I was freaking over nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I’m here to tell you, embrace those imperfections! They make you who you are. As I tell people, my stretch marks add character. Don’t let your own thoughts be the thing to discourage you from wearing something you’d totally look bomb in!

When someone compliments you, take it as an affirmation, and don’t be afraid to compliment others. We all need that extra umph every now and again.

This season when venturing to participate in the various water activities, wear what you’re comfortable in, and do you boo!

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Mama, Where’s Chris?

April 13th, 2017, I took my son to his first concert. Not just any concert, but a Chris Brown  concert.

His attendance to this concert was heavily dependent upon his behavior at school.  He’s not a “bad” child, but his emotions can get the best of him and he will act out. I am fiercely working on teaching my boys that you should react with logic not with emotion.  He may only be five, but he’s learning better than I expected him to.
As soon as I saw that Chris was going on tour, I knew I wanted to go. Since my son was three, he’s said he wants to sing and dance like Chris. He’ll sit and watch Chris on YouTube and sing and dance. I too love Chris, so I’ll join him.

So with our deal of him working on his behavior at school to attend the concert, made things interesting. I can say that we did notice how he reacted to things, his teacher also noted it. I can think of maybe two situations where I had to remind him what he was working for and he quickly changed his tone. Nonetheless, he earned his privilege to attend the concert!

Concert day arrives,  I ask if he’s excited. He responds with a big ol’ grin that parents love to see on their children’s faces. He went to school like he does every Thursday, and at about 12:15pm, I went to check him out. He got in the car asking, “Is Chris in town?”, I told him yes he is. He then proceeded with a checklist of other questions.

We go home to nap and eat before we are set to embark on the hour drive to New Orleans.

We arrived at the Smoothie King Arena around 6:30pm. When we’re walking to the security gates, the questions resume. “Is he here right now?” “Am I gonna see him?” I assure him he’ll get to see Chris soon enough.

Once inside, we get our snacks and head to our seats. We passed vendors, and surprisingly he didn’t want a souvenir. I kept asking was he sure, and when he responded with aggravation, I left him alone. In 5-year old fashion, he wasted no time eating his food.

Our first mother son concert selfie

Usually I prefer to be on the floor at concerts, but this go round I chose club level to accommodate my baby. If I must say so, our seats were perfect.

Our view of the stage

We had an amazing view. The show began around 8PM with an artist named Casanova. I didn’t know any of his music, but his stage presence was nice. He did a little dance and my son goes, ” ooooooo mama, he’s gonna trip”. I still don’t know why that was so hilarious to me. After Cas, Kap G performed. I was only familiar with him because of my baby sister. He did good as well, stage presence was great. When he was about 3 songs in, that’s when the complaints started from my son. “Ugh, where is Chris? How long these people gonna be up here? Can Chris please come on?” I was sooooooo tickled because he was too serious, he meant he wanted to see Chris and Chris only.  After Kap G, there was OT Genasis. I didn’t get any questions during his performance, only because my son knew the music.



Next up was Fabolous. Let me just say, I love Fab, his style, his being very laid back, he’s just a cool guy. He went back, like early 2000’s back. I was up on my feet singing. Idk if it was because I was having fun, but the questions resumed. “Mama where is Chris? I explained how he was coming on stage after fab was done. He tells me, ” I’m ready to go home”. I told him just take a nap until Chris comes out, I couldn’t think of any other alternatives.

The moment of truth. After a brief intermission, the arena goes dark, “It must be Chris turn mama”.



Now he’s on his feet and grinning! It melted my little heart to my baby uber excited. When he saw Chris drop to the stage, he was no longer interested in bothering me.

Here I am at a Chris Brown concert with my first born totally enjoying himself. I was so proud to see him enjoying himself, I felt like a super parent.



Chris pulled out some classics and took me back to high school and undergrad. A time before my son was even thought of.


This entire experience, from my son learning to control his emotions and reactions, to him attending the concert was an awesome experience. Here he is 5, and has been to his first concert, I was about 12 when I experienced my first concert. To see my baby sing and dance along with someone he admires was pretty freakin awesome. I want to be the mom who supports her children in all their endeavors no matter how illogical or silly they may appear to me. I don’t ever want to crush any of my children’s dreams.

Once the concert was over, my son wasn’t ready to leave. He told me how he was going to sing and dance in stage one day.  I told him that if that’s what he wants, don’t let anyone, not even his parents to discourage him.

Chris Brown is an amazingly talented man, and I like that my beyond amazing son admires him as a performer.

The Party Tour 

I’m grateful I got to experience this with my son. I look forward to attending numerous other things he’s interested in.

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And They’re Off!

31 days into the new year, and my oldest son gives us a scare. 
I was asleep, and I was a awakened by several phone calls from his father. I return them. Still half sleep, I’m listening to him tell me how he’s about to take my baby to the emergency room. I was like “Whaaat? Wait why?!?” 

Trying to wake up and process what he was telling me is funny to me now, but it wasn’t when it was happening. 

I jumped up, threw some clothes on, and drove briskly to the ER. 

Google Images

When I arrive, dad was answering questions, and the kid was lying in the bed watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. In my mind I’m like “ok he’s nice and comfy while I’m panicked”. I mean he was just chilling. 

Google Images

So the doc basically tells us that the kid has something lodged in his ear, it’s not a toy though. Hmm ok. Son what’s in your ear. The doctor leaves to get his colleague to come take a look. 

While he was gone, dad and I are asking questions, attempting to figure out how he got something in his ear. As most may know, 5-year olds are elaborate storytellers. We got several different stories, some were funny, and some we were like ok son, that’s an extreme exaggeration.

The doctors come back, one had his campers light in tow. He managed to get a good look into my sons ear. Low and behold, the mystery item is a red bead. It’s Mardi Gras season here in Louisiana, so maybe he was feeling festive.

Google Images

Now I’m thinking what would possess my child to put a bead in his ear. Even before we questioned him, I knew he did it. Even with his ever changing story, I knew he did it. You just know your children. 

So the docs go on to tell us how they’re gonna attempt to get it out, if not, he has to go to an ENT specialist. Great! Let’s hope they can get it out. 

No luck! The kid was too fidgety. Oh! I forgot to mention they gave him some medication to relax him, and it still didn’t work. Great! I hate, hate, hate giving my kids medication, so I was feeling a way about that. 

I will say we got some great laughs from this ordeal. He goes to the ENT soon, so I wonder what memories will come from that. 

Dad and I joked about how we’ll be in the ER a lot as we both have two sons. My two are certainly a force to be reckoned with. As a mother of boys, I’ve accepted that I’ll be in the hospital a many of days as my boys are curious and extremely rough. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So 2017 has already been filled with adventure from the boys, I’m curious to see what else they can potentially get into this year. 

My boys

What are some things your child(ren) have done to give you a great scare?  
As the adventures unfold, I’ll keep you guys posted.

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