Toddler TMNT Themed Party 

My now two year old, did not have a 1st birthday party, and I thought it was only right he got a party this year. He absolutely loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for whatever reason, so I chose that as his theme.

I decided to have his party at his favorite park. The park comes equipped with a splash pad, playground, and various other things. I went to Pinterest for some ideas. I found some great ideas, and chose what I thought would be best for a toddler party.

Before I post and describe what ideas, I’ll tell y’all that my phone went haywire the day of the party, so I captured what I could with others phones.

I thought the ninja turtle sewer lids was the cutest thing ever!

I found the tray at my neighborhood dollar tree.  I created the sign with Microsoft Word and glued it onto craft sticks, so it wouldn’t fly away.

I came across recipes to create “sewer slime”, but I chose to keep it simple by just purchasing green Hawaiian Punch.

The bottles made it easy for everyone to keep up with their drink.

The cupcakes were made at the bakery at our neighborhood Albertsons. Believe it or not, they make some of the best cakes!

To feed the kiddos, we got pizza from Little Caesars. I purchased five of the Hot n Ready pizzas. I actually thought it would have been too much pizza, but it was just enough.

I found the pizza boxes used for the gift boxes on WebstaurantStore. The boxes were shipped flat. My first job was at Domino’s, so assembly was sort of second nature. I found a TMNT image on Google. I used Microsoft Publisher to add writing to the photo.

I simply printed the box covers and glued them on with my handy hot glue gun.

It actually rained the day of the party, but everything turned out alright!

Birthday boy enjoyed himself, as did his guests.

Overall, the party turned out nicely inspite of the weather. Thank you Pinterest for helping me plan a fairly simple party! 

Thank you for reading!

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DIY Clothespin Snowflake Ornaments

So this year I decided to decorate a Christmas tree. I wanted some sort of apple orchard, gold glitter, and wood  theme. I came across the idea of using clothespins to make snowflake ornaments, so I ran with it. Here’s how I did it.

You’ll need clothespins of course, I bought two packs of 36 from Dollar Tree.

You’ll need a hot glue gun, or any glue of your choice, I chose hot glue because of the quick drying time.

Lastly some thread and decorations of your choice for the ornaments.

I forgot to photograph the thread and decorations used prior to. 

The first step in creating the ornaments is to pull the metal clasp off the clothespins. This was fairly easy, and I had removed all the clasps in about 10 minutes. I then placed the wood into the shape I desired. I did this to be sure I liked the design, and had pulled a part enough clothespins.  I placed to flat sides of each piece of wood together. I cut a piece of thread for each ornament to be glued on as well.

Before I completed the previous step, I plugged my hot glue gun in, so it’d be ready for use. Next, I began the monotonous task of gluing each piece together. I placed the cut end of the thread between two flat sides, and glued it on.

 Here’s what they looked like with the thread before I glued them . 

For lack of a better term, I’ll call each completed piece a leg. I then glued each leg together, I created a T or cross shape with the first four legs. Next I glued a leg into the corner of the T or cross shape.

Once I had each ornament glued, I placed the on a piece of cardboard to be decorated.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to decorate them, so I just started trying things. I first very lightly sprayed both sides of each ornament with brown spray paint. Still not exactly sure what I was attempting to achieve with that. After I had done that, I chose to just go with glitter. Not really sure how to adhere the glitter, I remembered I had a can of Polyurethane.

I sprayed each ornament, then sprinkled red glitter over them all. I didn’t really  like the look the red glitter had given them.

I finally got my gold glitter out, sprinkled it onto the ornaments, and sprayed with a coat of Polyurethane. This was it! I liked them this way. I proceeded to do the other side as well.

I let them sit about 15 minutes.


 Here’s the completed ornament 

Overall I was satisfied with how they came out. My next great feat, is to finish decorating our tree. This is what it looks like so far.

This is my first year decorating a tree. Why hasn’t anyone told me it was so difficult?!? Ornament and light placement, ribbon, bells, garland, etc. I hope you’ll try making your own ornaments.

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