Charcoal Seaweed Mask Review

Lately my skin had been feeling rough. No matter how often I washed, it just didn’t have that smoothness. I decided it was time to mask my skin.

I found this charcoal and seaweed mask at Walmart for $2.50. I had never used it before, so that solidified my decision to try it.

I had never used a mask like this, I generally use ones that you have to apply and spread on your face as opposed to a sheet.

Anyhow, I opened the masks d unfolded it. I peeled the first layer off and arranged the mask on my face. Once I had it settled, I peeled the other side off. This one was harder to remove, as I did not want to disrupt the mask placement on my face,

After I had it on, I felt as if I looked led like Hannibal taunting Clarice.

I left it on for 30 minutes. After I removed it, I rubbed the rest of the serum into my skin as instructed.

The next morning, I washed my face as usual. Before I was to moisturize, I noticed how soft and smooth my skin felt. I didn’t put moisturizer in, and jumped straight into my makeup routine, applying primer first.

My skin has been rather smooth these past couple of days.

I give this mask two thumbs up 👍🏾 👍🏾, and for $2.50, you can’t beat that.

I may buy a bunch and gift them to my friends.

Cheers 🥂 to healthy skin!


Live Life


If you follow my blog, you know that I created a list of 30 things to do by the time I made 30. You can read about here, 30 by 30, or see it below 👇🏾, with the things I’ve completed crossed off.

  1. Spend 30 Minutes talking to a stranger.
  2. Get a bikini wax. I know, I know! The thought just makes me cringe though.
  3. Visit a new city in Texas
  4. Experience a sensory deprivation chamber.
  5. Spend $30 on lunch for someone
  6. Do a Boudoir photo shoot. Gotta let this inner Goddess out!
  7. Spend an entire weekend alone. I have no idea how this one will happen.
  8. Go sky diving
  9. Get another tattoo/ piercing. I have one tattoo that I got when I was 18.
  10. Eat a meal I’ve never had before. Like that time I ate Guinea pig in Peru.
  11. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  12. Learn to gamble. I know absolutely nothing about gambling. I’d rather lose my money to buying shoes.
  13. Go camping. As a kid I always wanted to do this.
  14. Skinny dipping, YOLO!
  15. Learn to twerk. I’ve given it some half ass attempts, but I need to use my whole ass and commit
  16. Write and record a song. I can’t sing or rap, so this will be interesting.
  17. Start a garden. I’ll have to figure out how to do so on my apartment patio.
  18. Become a mentor. Everybody needs one or a few
  19. Write a letter to my 40- year old self. I’m sure 40 -year old Sarah will laugh and say “Girl you are crazy”.
  20. Go on a Baecation. That requires a bae, so I’ll work on that part.
  21. Purchase something expensive.
  22. Take more pictures. I am rarely in pictures, if you don’t count selfies, but I just don’t take pictures. I need to capture more moments in my life.
  23. Do something freaky. I’m not even sure what that means, and it’s up for interpretation. But when I do it, I’m sure I’ll say “that was some freaky sh*t”.
  24. Meditate 30 consecutive days. I can go about 10 days, then fall off the wagon.
  25. Write an E-Book. I have no idea what it will be about, but I’ll get it done.
  26. Read 5 new books. I read my fair share of children’s books, I need to enrich my own mind as well.
  27. Visit each one of my friends. We all live in different cities, and I think it would be nice to visit them in their element.
  28. Start my 40 things to do before 40 list. That list will be much more intricate, as I’ll have more time to compose it.
  29. Learn other languages. I won’t just pick one, as I am heavily into linguistics.
  30. Go to a hoedown.

Now some items were partially completed, like item 26. I read two books, and purchased more.

Some items where replaced by similar experiences. For example, I didn’t do item 4, but I did cryotherapy.

A few items were scheduled, but the weather simply did not permit.

Nonetheless, having made this list somehow made me more conscious of wanting to experience new things.

I was listening to an old speech by Jim Rohn, and he stated that one of the best things about having a list is checking things off, and being able to say ” I did that”. He was absolutely correct!

Having a written list of goals and desires helps propel you into completing and accomplishing them, which to me, goes back to the Law of Attraction. I’ve found that you shouldn’t worry too much about how the things will happen.

Never shy away from living life. I’m still working on honing in on my manifestation skills, but things always work out as they should.

Live life on purpose, don’t settle for the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. Unapologetically live your life, after all it is YOURS.

Creating that list sparked something within me. I began deliberately going after the things I wanted to experience as opposed to wishing I’d experience them. We were designed to live life abundantly, and we should conduct ourselves accordingly.

What are some things you desire to experience? What’s keeping you from experiencing them?

Testing, Testing

A couple days ago, I woke up feeling some kind of way. As many of you know, Amir had 3 major head surgeries before he was a year old. The aftermath required him to have to go to different therapies to reach all his developmental milestones again (though thing for a parent to deal with). I remember at one of his neurology appointments, the neurologist told me “ You can have him tested to be put in special ed”. I told her that wouldn’t be necessary, but he was like two, so I was like what the fuck. That shit was always in the back of my mind. She was ready to label him without even really knowing him or assessing him.

Fast forward to now

He’s gearing up to attend Pre-K in the fall, and because he stutters occasionally, I went ahead and had him assessed. Ya know because I don’t want anything in the way of him learning.

The woman who assessed him took my concerns just as seriously as I did, and I appreciate that. I explained his medical history to her, and she was shocked. She stated how she never would’ve guessed he had gone through so much.

So boom, she begins assessing him. He’s ripping through these tests like it’s nothing. Answering everything with ease, and a bit of smartassness, (pretty sure I made that up). He even knew things I thought he didn’t know, things he’d tell me ” I don’t know” as an answer when we are reviewing material. Every so often she’d stop and say “Mom, I don’t know what you’re worried about, he’s really smart”.

I could see for myself she was thoroughly impressed, her body language said it all. She tested him for about 30 minutes, right. When she was done, she stated how he’s performing how they expect 6 year olds to perform. I was like what you talking about Willis. To me he was simply being smart ass Amir. (Insert gif)

She stated how she only heard him *insert technical name for stuttering here* once, and that it certainly does not affect his learning abilities.

Having him tested eased a lot of things for me. Knowing my 3-year and 9 month old perform how they expect 6-year olds to perform was quite comforting. My efforts of educating him have paid off.

After the assessment was done, I began to think about how the neurologist was ready to throw him into special education. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with special education, but I do have a problem with people labeling children, particularly black boys, before giving them a chance to display what they are capable of.

Parents should certainly get their children the help they need, but don’t let anyone label your children. You have to fight with and for your children. Don’t ever let anyone just throw labels on them.

I wonder where my baby would be now had I settled for what the neurologist suggested.

Nonetheless, I am super excited about my baby going to big boy school. He’s so elated to finally be going to school with his big brother. Hmm 🤔, I wonder what the results would show if I had my oldest tested, that kid is highly intelligent.

Each one of my children have taught me very different things, and that’s what motherhood is about. Not only are we to teach our children, but they teach us.

This journey with Prince Amir has been an extremely turbulent one at times, but oh so beautiful.

If you haven’t, you can read about it here

Treat Yo’self

Yesterday was Galentine’s Day, and all my gal pals live in other states. Today is Valentine’s Day, and I’m single. No biggie! I still treated myself.

I can’t stress enough to people how being single should not be something that worries you. Your singleness should empower you.

In your singleness. You should learn who you, what you like, what you don’t like, so on and so forth.

I never really understood why people let one day get them all bent out of shape. Something like Valentine’s Day shouldn’t define your entire existence. This post isn’t about bashing or complaining, it’s about appreciating self.

I know I love white chocolate strawberries, so I treated myself to some. No one should know you better than you know yourself.

This red velvet white chocolate strawberry was EVERYTHING
Coconut white chocolate

My babies got me some bath bombs, and I treated myself to a nice bath. Lemongrass bath bomb with pink rose petals. It was hella relaxing.

I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. If I do for myself the things I want a prospective mate to do, he will.

Anything you want, go get it, do it. You are the author of your story.

Lemongrass Poppyseed soap was sensational

You should always treat yourself to new things and experiences as well as all the things you love. Show yourself appreciation. Love the hell out of yourself. If you don’t, then who will?

Don’t you ever wait to do what you enjoy. Do it now!


 I am she… She is me!

I’m about six or so posts into my blog, and realized I’ve never introduced myself to the world. It has taken me a few days to conjure up how I wanted to do so. I am such a private person, but I believe my experiences can and will inspire someone else. I hope I do not bore you, as I can be a bit wordy.

We live in a society where people will look down their noses at you when you talk about your accomplishments, and will smile at your “failures” (I do not believe in failures, only life lessons). I know that everyone has a story that will uplift someone else. We should all be proud of our trials and tribulations, as well as our accomplishments, you never know who you will inspire. 

I am Sarah, a 27 year old college grad, mother of two, crafter, seeker of all thing holistic etc. Like most of us in America, I was told to go to college and get an education so I could get a great job; I did that. I was the first woman in my family to go through high school and college without getting pregnant and having to drop out. However I became pregnant my last semester of college. In college I became the first in my family to study abroad, not only once, but twice. 


My first trip out of the country I went to Cusco, Peru. I loved every bit of it. One of my proudest life moments happened on this trip. I hiked Macchu Picchu, and it was AMAZING! Peru was unlike anything I had ever experienced. This trip showed just how much we, those of us from the United States, take for granted. It was weird not having hot water like we do here, or not being able to flush tissue. I learned to appreciate the little things. The cuisine was different, but I enjoyed it. Every now and again, I get a taste for some of the things I had eaten there. Being able to visit the indigenous people was quite an experience. Learning how the people relied so much on nature was rather awesome. Many of the things I learned from them helped me to further understand traditions we have here in the U.S. 


Hiking Macchu Picchu was indescribable. This was where I got my first bit of confirmation that there is something much greater out there. 

The landscape was breathtaking! 

Aside from living in Colorado Springs, I have never experienced nature like this. The hike was not the easiest, but the scenery made up for it. There was even a moment where a random llama came running through as we were hiking, and I thought that was the funniest thing ever. The view from the top of Macchu Picchu was wondrous, it is something I will never forget. When my boys are older, I will definitely be taking them to experience this for themselves. 


My second trip out of the country was to Spain, visiting Barcelona and Valencia. I took on Spain 4 months pregnant. My experience was a little different than in Peru, as I could not party as much. I loved the hustle and bustle that Spain offered. I particularly loved the cuisine, as being a Louisiana native, I enjoy seafood. In Spain I encountered metros/subways for the first time. Navigating the busy streets of Barcelona was a completely new experience for me, as the closest I had ever come to that was the French Quarter. Essentially, they lived no different than we did in the US. As I was carrying a bundle of joy, I paid close attention how the children and teenagers were far less restricted than those in the U S of A. 


Park Güell and La Sagrada Família were amazing sights. It proved how man made creations can be just as beautiful as those created by nature. 


Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe in Valencia was a place I could spend hours upon hours. It had many things that anyone remotely interested in science would enjoy. When I visited, there was a Marvel exhibit, I am not sure if it is still there today. My eldest son would flip if he could see the exhibit, although he was there (in the womb baking). 


Visiting Spain fostered my love/hate relationship with gelato, I ate it everyday. I left Spain with a greater appreciation for city life, and the busyness that comes with it. The greatest lesson learned in Spain was to appreciate family, as they shape who we are. I also got the memo to let children be children, stop restricting what they can do based upon our fears of what might happen. 
Motherhood, is by far my greatest accomplishment. I birthed my first son November 2011. I was so terrified of childbirth! I had prepared myself by watching documentaries along with a lot of reading, as I opted for a natural water birth  and a midwife.

I had actually been in early labor since Sunday, the 22nd was a Tuesday that year. I woke up in pain, but it was still rather bearable. I continued on about my day with the occasional pauses because of contractions. Around noon I vomited, and that is when everyone demanded I go to the hospital. We get to the hospital, I check in, and was examined. I was still only two centimeters!!! The nurses said that walking was a great way to help speed up the process. We walked and walked and walked until I could not take it anymore, so we go back into the triage room. I vomit again! Gross, I know! I remember this moment, and laugh because it is still funny today. As I was vomiting, my water broke. I calmly turn to dad and said “My water just broke“. He was so discombobulated by the statement that he ran out of the room to find a nurse, and left me alone while my water was just oozing. He quickly came back in and pressed the call button, and notified the nurse. It was game time. I was moved to the birthing room for water births. Labor was nothing like the typical portrayal on tv. I was calm thoughout it all, some say I am an unusually calm person. I credit my calmness to my mental preparedness. Long story short, November 22nd, 2011, my first born was here. Weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds 4 ounces.  


Baby number two made his arrival June 13th, 2013. This pregnancy and birth was quite different than the first. This go round, I opted for a traditional hospital birth and doctor, simply for convenience. BIG MISTAKE!! With baby two, I went pass my expected due date, which was ok with me. A due date is simply an estimation, babies come when they are ready. 

I went for my 40 week checkup, and everything went well. I was informed that if I went any longer, I could possibly need a c-section as baby was pushing 9lbs. They told me they were admiting me to be induced. Umm ok, I thought. I did not want to be induced AT ALL! I lied about needing to make arrangements for my son before I could be admitted. I went home, and worked on inducing labor myself. Nothing worked, I mean nothing. I was upset! So finally after 4 days of unsuccessfully inducing labor, I checked into the hospital.

Because I had gone against his word, my doctor was a world class butthole. The nurses went over everything, gave me this big speech about Pitocin. I had heavily researched prior to, but I listened anyway. After the Pitocin drip began, I asked if I could walk around to speed things up, as expected the doctor told me no. I asked a few more times, spanning about 5 hours. Still no, and that was fine with me. This is my body and my baby, and you cannot do anything I do not allow you to, so I just relaxed. I sat and slept, sat and slept finally things got moving. I was in labor for 24 hours. This go around it only took two good pushes for me to deliver my baby. Baby number two checked in at 8 pounds 10 ounces. I’m sort of a champ at birthing big babies!


I am forever grateful for and forever in love with my boys. I have spent the last 5 years balancing my children, work, and following my dreams. I found that motherhood and everything it entails has given me that extra drive to pursue my dreams. In the beginning I was discouraged that because I was a mom, I’d have to put everything else on a shelf and come back to it later. Women can be so wrapped up in being a mom, the we abandon our dreams. Yes, we are mothers first, but we are much more than that. 

She is a mom, a traveler, a designer, a holistic healer, a teacher, a blogger, etc. I am she, she is me!

A big thank you to anyone who keeps up with my posts, your following is more than appreciated. Stick with me as I venture through blogging and opening up my life and my experiences with you all.


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