Live Life


If you follow my blog, you know that I created a list of 30 things to do by the time I made 30. You can read about here, 30 by 30, or see it below ūüĎáūüŹĺ, with the things I’ve completed crossed off.

  1. Spend 30 Minutes talking to a stranger.
  2. Get a bikini wax. I know, I know! The thought just makes me cringe though.
  3. Visit a new city in Texas
  4. Experience a sensory deprivation chamber.
  5. Spend $30 on lunch for someone
  6. Do a Boudoir photo shoot. Gotta let this inner Goddess out!
  7. Spend an entire weekend alone. I have no idea how this one will happen.
  8. Go sky diving
  9. Get another tattoo/ piercing. I have one tattoo that I got when I was 18.
  10. Eat a meal I’ve never had before. Like that time I ate Guinea pig in Peru.
  11. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  12. Learn to gamble. I know absolutely nothing about gambling. I’d rather lose my money to buying shoes.
  13. Go camping. As a kid I always wanted to do this.
  14. Skinny dipping, YOLO!
  15. Learn to twerk. I’ve given it some half ass attempts, but I need to use my whole ass and commit
  16. Write and record a song. I can’t sing or rap, so this will be interesting.
  17. Start a garden. I’ll have to figure out how to do so on my apartment patio.
  18. Become a mentor. Everybody needs one or a few
  19. Write a letter to my 40- year old self. I’m sure 40 -year old Sarah will laugh and say “Girl you are crazy”.
  20. Go on a Baecation. That requires a bae, so I’ll work on that part.
  21. Purchase something expensive.
  22. Take more pictures. I am rarely in pictures, if you don’t count selfies, but I just don’t take pictures. I need to capture more moments in my life.
  23. Do something freaky. I’m not even sure what that means, and it’s up for interpretation. But when I do it, I’m sure I’ll say “that was some freaky sh*t”.
  24. Meditate 30 consecutive days. I can go about 10 days, then fall off the wagon.
  25. Write an E-Book. I have no idea what it will be about, but I’ll get it done.
  26. Read 5 new books. I read my fair share of children’s books, I need to enrich my own mind as well.
  27. Visit each one of my friends. We all live in different cities, and I think it would be nice to visit them in their element.
  28. Start my 40 things to do before 40 list. That list will be much more intricate, as I’ll have more time to compose it.
  29. Learn other languages. I won’t just pick one, as I am heavily into linguistics.
  30. Go to a hoedown.

Now some items were partially completed, like item 26. I read two books, and purchased more.

Some items where replaced by similar experiences. For example, I didn’t do item 4, but I did cryotherapy.

A few items were scheduled, but the weather simply did not permit.

Nonetheless, having made this list somehow made me more conscious of wanting to experience new things.

I was listening to an old speech by Jim Rohn, and he stated that one of the best things about having a list is checking things off, and being able to say ” I did that”. He was absolutely correct!

Having a written list of goals and desires helps propel you into completing and accomplishing them, which to me, goes back to the Law of Attraction. I’ve found that you shouldn’t worry too much about how the things will happen.

Never shy away from living life. I’m still working on honing in on my manifestation skills, but things always work out as they should.

Live life on purpose, don’t settle for the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. Unapologetically live your life, after all it is YOURS.

Creating that list sparked something within me. I began deliberately going after the things I wanted to experience as opposed to wishing I’d experience them. We were designed to live life abundantly, and we should conduct ourselves accordingly.

What are some things you desire to experience? What’s keeping you from experiencing them?


Treat Yo’self

Yesterday was Galentine’s Day, and all my gal pals live in other states. Today is Valentine’s Day, and I’m single. No biggie! I still treated myself.

I can’t stress enough to people how being single should not be something that worries you. Your singleness should empower you.

In your singleness. You should learn who you, what you like, what you don’t like, so on and so forth.

I never really understood why people let one day get them all bent out of shape. Something like Valentine’s Day shouldn’t define your entire existence. This post isn’t about bashing or complaining, it’s about appreciating self.

I know I love white chocolate strawberries, so I treated myself to some. No one should know you better than you know yourself.

This red velvet white chocolate strawberry was EVERYTHING
Coconut white chocolate

My babies got me some bath bombs, and I treated myself to a nice bath. Lemongrass bath bomb with pink rose petals. It was hella relaxing.

I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. If I do for myself the things I want a prospective mate to do, he will.

Anything you want, go get it, do it. You are the author of your story.

Lemongrass Poppyseed soap was sensational

You should always treat yourself to new things and experiences as well as all the things you love. Show yourself appreciation. Love the hell out of yourself. If you don’t, then who will?

Don’t you ever wait to do what you enjoy. Do it now!


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

2017 has been a year of reconstruction and restoration for me, with self-healing and the law of attraction being the primary focus.

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. An example that always manifests in my life is when I think about a person, and I end up seeing them in public or they call me. The Law of Attraction applies to any and everything. Want health and prosperity, focus on health and prosperity. Focus on a negative outcome, receive a negative outcome.

In an effort to truly educate myself on LOA, I turned to YouTube. Contrary to popular belief, there is so much great content on YouTube. I found a few videos on tasks you should do to begin to actively engage in the Law of Attraction. One day, by chance happening, a video concerning the Law of Attraction and the power of visualization played. A man I had never heard of was speaking. Reverend Ike and his Mind Science appealed to me, as he talked of changing the way we think to get the things we want. In addition to changing how we thought, you have to put in the work to acquire these things. I then I added his teachings to my repertoire.

I previously wrote about 30 things I wanted to get done before I made¬†30. One item on that list was to read 5 new books. Instead of starting with a new book, I started with one I’ve read, but couldn’t really recall, so in a sense it’s new.

I started “The¬†Mis-Education of the Negro” by Carter G. Woodson.

The book covers the topic of how obtaining degrees may have hurt black people as a whole. It touches on how those who receive formal educations tend to lose touch with the environments they come from and be detrimental by looking down on them and not helping those behind rise up. I know and understand that this happens across the board, but the book addressed the black community.

As I was reading, the following excerpt, “Real education means to inspire people to live life more abundantly, to learn to begin with life as they find it and make it better…”¬†stood out to me and brought to my¬†recollection¬†two¬†things. One, Reverend Ike teaching of no matter where you are in life, you can create the life you desire to live, and two an interview of rapper Future and Funk Master Flex that I’ve watched a countless number¬†times.

In this particular interview Future speaks of how you can overcome the circumstances you’re born into, you just have t to want better and change the way you think. Below is the interview ūüĎáūüŹĺ

” ] How are these things related?

Let’s¬†take a¬†look¬†at the excerpt again, “Real education means to inspire people to live life more abundantly, to learn to begin with life as they find it and make it better…”.¬†Reverend Ike stated that you can change your life no matter what stage you’re in by changing your thoughts and visualization, and¬†Future¬†Hendrix¬†stated, if you believe in the statistics, you’ll become on.¬†You¬†can’t stay mentally¬†trapped, you¬†have to think beyond those statistics.¬†He made the¬†decision where he found himself is not where he wanted to¬†stay.¬†He¬†changed¬†his thoughts, and saw the bigger picture.¬†His¬†trap was the hood and selling drugs, but your trap may¬†be¬†working¬†a 9-5 with no real progress. You have to see beyond that, picture¬†yourself¬†doing what you desire¬†out¬†life.¬†¬†Whatever your trap is, you can get out if you want it bad enough.¬†¬†Funk Master Flex¬†also stated how¬†Future¬†inspires many people in the hood, and that he’s an example of how you can make it out and do better.

The most powerful tool we possess is our mind, whatever you think will surely manifest. If we’re completely¬†honest¬†formal¬†educations really do not teach you how to think, they teach you what to think.¬†You’re prepared do a certain job, and no more than that.¬†¬†If people are taught how to think, imagine the things that could be accomplished. Is it an easy task, no, but having the life you desire is the ultimate¬†reward.

Success is within the gold mine of the mind. Think and use the gold mine between your¬†ears”.-¬†Earl Nightingale.

The Law of Attraction does¬†require¬†work, even the Holy Bible tells us that faith without works is dead. James 2:14-17¬†What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don‚Äôt show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone?¬†Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing,¬†and you say, ‚ÄúGood-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒbut then you don‚Äôt give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do?¬†I¬†am almost certain other religious¬†texts discuss this topic. In the interview, Future state how¬†what’s a few years to¬†change¬†how you think to get what you want.

Bottom line, your thoughts determine your life. What you think you become, so what are you thinking about?

The Law of Attraction is something that has peaked my interest, and I am going to do some extensive research to gain more knowledge on the topic.  I will infuse music and academic studies to show how the Law of Attraction works, even when we do not realize it. Stay tuned as I will share my knowledge acquired with anyone who will listen.

Remember, you can change your life right where you are. Change your thoughts, change your life.

This blog was inspired by a former friend whom I miss dearly. If you happen to be reading this, know that I love you, miss you, and still believe in you. Thank you for pushing me to be better when it seemed like no one else was in my corner.   

Affirmations, Do They Work?

I was sitting here revising and rewriting my affirmations, as many of them have come to fruition, and I thought I’d write how they have helped me in my life.
First things first, what are affirmations? Affirmations are declarations geared towards changing the way one thinks and behaves. Affirmations can be used to shape any area in life the user so chooses. I’ve used them for health, organization, and finances.

 Where can affirmations be found? There are books upon books upon books of affirmations. You can also find them online. I took it upon myself to write my own, as I needed specificity in a lot of areas of my life.

When should you do affirmations? You should designate time throughout the day solely for completing affirmations. I complete mine every morning before I start my day, and every night before bed. In the beginning I struggled to do them consistently, but I continued with them. Once I was well into my routine of doing my affirmations, I began noticing changes in how I thought and decisions I made. When I would consider not exercising or eating something I knew I shouldn’t, lines from my affirmations about my health would come to mind. When I wanted to put off school work simply because I did not feel like doing it, my affirmations about organization and procrastination would come to mind. Anytime I was going to do anything that went against what I wanted out of life, my affirmations came to mind. Once this was a constant process, I knew that affirmations were right for me. We are taught that our words have power, and I can attest to that. Speak positively about the things you seek to gain, and work to achieve them.

  Affirmations I had written about my son.

In addition to my affirmations, I created a vision board, and I am working on a creation box. I love the vision board because it is something I see everyday and is a visual reminder of the things I affirm daily. The concept of a creation box was given to me by my best friend. Once she told me about it, I did my own research. This blog by Andrea Conway was what made me decide to go forth with creating a box. It speaks of the Law of Attraction and how a creation box is a great tool to help manifest the things one wants. You can add to and of course remove things from your box as they come to fulfillment. I can whole heartedly say that affirmations have helped me, and I will continue with this practice.

Affirmations are your verbal contract with yourself to manifest your dreams. Write them, say them, edit them as often as you need to. It’s your life, go for the things you want.

“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul”. -William Ernest Henley