My First Makeup Review

Before I jump into my review, let’s take care of business. I received this Origins Skin Cooling Primer, free full size bottle, in my VoxBox from Influenster.

Now let’s get to my review 😝

Most of you know I am still new to the world of makeup. Lipstick used to be he only thing I’d wear. I’ve acquired some knowledge and I’m working on expanding my makeup skills.

I started using primer probably about 6 months ago, and saw a bit of a difference in my makeup, but not much. So when I received this primer in my VoxBox, I wasn’t all that excited about it.

Oh but let me tell you how that quickly changed.

So here it is, I’m in my bathroom about to do my makeup. I shake up the primer bottle and squeeze/spray some out (It’s in an aerosol can). The primer is cool to the touch, and when you put it on your skin it’s just as cool! There’s a tinge of a cooling sensation.

I rubbed it all over my face evenly, and it made my face look a little ashy, but I wasn’t trippin’.


When I began to apply my foundation, it went on so smoothly and so effortlessly. I had never experienced that before.

So my first thought was ok, let’s see if this will be like this every time I use it.

I used the primer for two weeks, and I loved the results every time. My makeup has never consistently looked this good in my opinion.

This primer is awesome! The fact that it cools the skin is great! My makeup went on so smoothly each time I wore it. Another thing I noticed was that my face was a lot less oily by the end of the day, when I used this primer. Also to be noted, the Origins primer is made without Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, PABA, Petrolatum, Paraffin, DEA, Animal Ingredients*

*except cruelty free Honey & Beeswax

Overall, I love his product and I will most definitely be purchasing in the future. Discovering this primer has LowKey motivated me to play in my makeup more often.

Have you tried it? What do you think about it?


Sarah Stylin’

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to play dress up. There’s something about putting outfits together and prancing around in them that makes me happy. It’s kind of weird because I’m not a girly woman or a tomboyish woman, I’m somewhere in the middle.

Nonetheless, I love styling myself and other people. I know there are certain fashion trends everyone follows, but being able to style in-spite of trends is not something everyone can do.

Little known fact, I’ve always wanted to be a stylist. I’m not really sure why I’ve never told anyone that, but strangely enough people are always asking me to help them create a look or find pieces for them.

As a believer in the law of attraction, I’ve decided to run with this. There’s a reason why I love to create various looks, and others have asked on several occasions to style them.

I’ve created a section on my blog called “Stylin“, and here I will post different style photos I take. So don’t be a stranger to that section.

Here in this post, I’ve included photos from a session I like to call In living color. The look was inspired by the kick off of Mardi Gras 💜💚💛 season and of course the 90s. The jacket pictured, is one my mom has had for as long as I can remember. It’s an ode to New Orleans, one of my favorite cities.

90s fashion is my passion, I love everything about it! Majority of my looks will have 90’s incorporated somehow.

So stay tuned! I’m low key excited about this new venture, who knows where it’ll lead. For now, I’ll just have fun with it. 😎

DIY Tiled wall mirror

Like many of you, I am a Pinterest FANATIC. I spend at least 30 minutes before bed searching and pinning. There was a tiled mirror project I had my eyes on for the longest. On Sunday, out of shear boredom, I decided to give it a go. My first attempt required only mirrors, duct tape (I tried Gorrila tape too), a foam board, and glue. Let’s just say it was an EPIC FAIL!!! 

I had taped and glued just as the model I was using did, but for some odd reason, mine fell apart. I forgot to photograph the final project, as I was heated that it did not turn out as I expected. My son chimed in, and said ” Ohh mommy, that’s not working”. I just laughed and cleaned the mess up. That night, I searched and found a better, it was better for me, tutorial.

Here’s the link to the first tutorial, perhaps you’ll have better go at it than me.

Fast forward to Tuesday, and I’m ready to try again. This time I was equipped with my mirrors from Dollar Tree, oak plywood from Lowes, a hand saw (also from DT), wood molding (purchased at Lowes), wood glue, super glue, Elmers Glue All multipurpose glue, and spray paint. I measured the length and width of the mirrors after I took them out of the funky frames they came in. Next I measured my plywood to the exact length I needed. I had a friend use a straight saw to cut the wood to the correct length. The piece of board that was cut, I used as a back to support where I used the wood glue to attach the boards together.

I don’t have as many pics as I’d like, as I was excited to get this over and done with. 

Once the boards were secured, I measured to border or the plywood with my wood molding. This is where the hand saw came in handy. I cut the molding to the necessary lengths needed to complete the border. Remember to angle the cuts on the ends of each piece, so they’ll form a corner. I used the wood glue to secure the molding into the plywood. Once that had dried, I measured and secured the longer pieces of molding needed for the columns.

Once the two pieces were dry, I took a mirror and are sure I had place the columns far enough apart. I measured each row and cut with my hand saw. As I cut each piece, I made sure to check whether or not the mirrors would fit properly.

I was on a roll 

After all cuts were made, I glued these pieces down with wood glue. Next I put the mirrors in, without securing them, to make sure it was all even. I broke a mirror in the process. Luckily they were only a dollar.

Voilà! I had successfully completed the frame.

I then took a wet towel and wiped away any dried, smudged, and extra glue. Time to spray paint! I stayed one coat of paint onto the frame.

I let it dry for about 30 minutes. I stopped to eat at this point. I then came back with another coat of spray paint. Once that application dried, I spayed a clear gloss on to give it a slight shine.

Time to finally secure the mirrors. I used super glue on the corners on the mirrors, and the all purpose glue on the rest of the body of the mirror. Be careful to get as little glue as possible on your frame.

Mirrors on, and I’m in love! 

I left it all to dry overnight, to ensure that it would dry completely. The next morning, I was equipped with Windex and paper towels for the most tedious part of this craft; thoroughly cleaning excess glue. Cleaning the glue well took at minimum 45 minutes.

 All cleaned! As you can see, I have another project in progress.

Here’s the link to the tutorial that worked for me.

I’ll come back with more pics once I put the mirror in its intended place. Meanwhile, have I mentioned how much I love it? I’m proud of myself as well.

Thanks for taking the time out to read my experience. With the next project, I’ll try to be more detailed.

Where I had intended on hanging the mirror, I simply leaned it against the wall. I put various wall art in the wall above. I’m just fearful of the mirror falling and shattering.

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