Mama, Where’s Chris?

April 13th, 2017, I took my son to his first concert. Not just any concert, but a Chris Brown  concert.

His attendance to this concert was heavily dependent upon his behavior at school.  He’s not a “bad” child, but his emotions can get the best of him and he will act out. I am fiercely working on teaching my boys that you should react with logic not with emotion.  He may only be five, but he’s learning better than I expected him to.
As soon as I saw that Chris was going on tour, I knew I wanted to go. Since my son was three, he’s said he wants to sing and dance like Chris. He’ll sit and watch Chris on YouTube and sing and dance. I too love Chris, so I’ll join him.

So with our deal of him working on his behavior at school to attend the concert, made things interesting. I can say that we did notice how he reacted to things, his teacher also noted it. I can think of maybe two situations where I had to remind him what he was working for and he quickly changed his tone. Nonetheless, he earned his privilege to attend the concert!

Concert day arrives,  I ask if he’s excited. He responds with a big ol’ grin that parents love to see on their children’s faces. He went to school like he does every Thursday, and at about 12:15pm, I went to check him out. He got in the car asking, “Is Chris in town?”, I told him yes he is. He then proceeded with a checklist of other questions.

We go home to nap and eat before we are set to embark on the hour drive to New Orleans.

We arrived at the Smoothie King Arena around 6:30pm. When we’re walking to the security gates, the questions resume. “Is he here right now?” “Am I gonna see him?” I assure him he’ll get to see Chris soon enough.

Once inside, we get our snacks and head to our seats. We passed vendors, and surprisingly he didn’t want a souvenir. I kept asking was he sure, and when he responded with aggravation, I left him alone. In 5-year old fashion, he wasted no time eating his food.

Our first mother son concert selfie

Usually I prefer to be on the floor at concerts, but this go round I chose club level to accommodate my baby. If I must say so, our seats were perfect.

Our view of the stage

We had an amazing view. The show began around 8PM with an artist named Casanova. I didn’t know any of his music, but his stage presence was nice. He did a little dance and my son goes, ” ooooooo mama, he’s gonna trip”. I still don’t know why that was so hilarious to me. After Cas, Kap G performed. I was only familiar with him because of my baby sister. He did good as well, stage presence was great. When he was about 3 songs in, that’s when the complaints started from my son. “Ugh, where is Chris? How long these people gonna be up here? Can Chris please come on?” I was sooooooo tickled because he was too serious, he meant he wanted to see Chris and Chris only.  After Kap G, there was OT Genasis. I didn’t get any questions during his performance, only because my son knew the music.



Next up was Fabolous. Let me just say, I love Fab, his style, his being very laid back, he’s just a cool guy. He went back, like early 2000’s back. I was up on my feet singing. Idk if it was because I was having fun, but the questions resumed. “Mama where is Chris? I explained how he was coming on stage after fab was done. He tells me, ” I’m ready to go home”. I told him just take a nap until Chris comes out, I couldn’t think of any other alternatives.

The moment of truth. After a brief intermission, the arena goes dark, “It must be Chris turn mama”.



Now he’s on his feet and grinning! It melted my little heart to my baby uber excited. When he saw Chris drop to the stage, he was no longer interested in bothering me.

Here I am at a Chris Brown concert with my first born totally enjoying himself. I was so proud to see him enjoying himself, I felt like a super parent.



Chris pulled out some classics and took me back to high school and undergrad. A time before my son was even thought of.


This entire experience, from my son learning to control his emotions and reactions, to him attending the concert was an awesome experience. Here he is 5, and has been to his first concert, I was about 12 when I experienced my first concert. To see my baby sing and dance along with someone he admires was pretty freakin awesome. I want to be the mom who supports her children in all their endeavors no matter how illogical or silly they may appear to me. I don’t ever want to crush any of my children’s dreams.

Once the concert was over, my son wasn’t ready to leave. He told me how he was going to sing and dance in stage one day.  I told him that if that’s what he wants, don’t let anyone, not even his parents to discourage him.

Chris Brown is an amazingly talented man, and I like that my beyond amazing son admires him as a performer.

The Party Tour 

I’m grateful I got to experience this with my son. I look forward to attending numerous other things he’s interested in.

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My Initiation Into The Beyhive 🐝

September 24th, 2016 I had my first Yoncé experience. I know, I know, I’m late, but better late than never.

I have always liked her music, but I’m not one of her crazed stans, so attending a concert of hers wasn’t at the top of my list.

Earlier this year, Beyoncé performed for the Super Bowl halftime, and I thought what she did was so amazing. She made a very powerful statement with her release of the album Lemonade. It resonated with me, mostly because of the stage of life I was in at the time. That was the hook, line, and sinker! I had to see her live.

From the day we purchased our tickets, my friend and I were ECSTATIC. 

In the VIP lounge with Erica

For months we discussed how we thought the show would be. Considering that Lemonade was filmed in NOLA, we knew the show would be special. We hoped that she’d have Big Freedia there, I mean it was only right. Sure enough, Freedia was there! Girl down!!

At that point I was too bucked up!!

I cant even begin to describe how amazing her visuals were! I mean y’all this chick is EFFIN awesome. I can go on and on about how breathtaking Beyoncé is. Her energy was crazy!

I think her empowerment of women is what drew me in. She is so inspiring and motivating. She lets women know how we can in fact have any and everything we want, there’s no need to be dependent upon a man to chase our dreams and make them come true. Its kind of sickening how men say she bashes men, when that isn’t true at all. The empowerment of women equates the bashing of men, c’mon bruh. 

​​​​As women we should whole-heartedly motivate one another to be the best kick ass woman we can be. When women work together we can accomplish anything, and I mean ANYTHING. 
So please knows that girls do in fact run the world. Haha ladies let’s get in formation! 

Mrs. Knowles-Carter, I am now a forever fan! 🐝🍋🐝

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Stay tuned for more super late posts 😜


Down in New Orleans 



As a mom, I try to expose my boys to as many great experiences as possible. We have been to countless museums, and many more are on the list. About two weeks ago, I was looking for museums in New Orleans to visit. I came across the Musée Conti Wax Museum, and thought “Hmm this seems interesting”. I am a Louisiana native, Baton Rouge born and raised, and never have I ever been to this particular museum; sad, I know. Before deciding we would go, I did a little research so I would not be totally ignorant to what the museum offers. I have a history degree, so I try stay on my A game when visiting museums. On their website was this , “NOTE: Musee Conti will officially close on January 31, 2016!“. The history buff in me was shocked. I thought “Oh no we have to go visit”. 


Saturday morning arrives, I get the kiddos dressed, and we head out. On the way there (about an hour drive), I gave my usual museum pep talk. We arrive in the Big Easy, park, and make our way to the museum. We walked in and instantly I was excited! That is until we began the tour.  The lighting in the museum was horrible and there was quite a sharp odor, but that did not bother me. What did bother me was the fact that the exhibits were exceedingly basic.  I expected the exhibits to give greater details of events of New Orleans history. I believe majority of us Louisianians learned everything the museum had to offer in our grade school Louisiana history class. I just felt as if though many more events in New Orleans history should have been displayed. I was able to explain what was taking place in each exhibit before I read the description that went along with. 


As we concluded the tour, I was disappointed. My 3 year old very openly expressed how he did not like the museum either; that I did not want to hear. Maybe I set the bar for his expectations of museums high at an early age. Deep down I believe that because there were no hands on exhibits, he was not too fond of the museum. I was disappointed because of the potential this hidden gem has to be an even greater jewel to the city. The history and culture of New Orleans is very rich, and enjoyed by everyone. 


I am not quite sure why the museum is closing, but I will assume funding is a major factor based upon how plain it was. Yes it is a small museum compared to most, but size does not matter. Presentation is how you capture your audience, at least that’s what I think.  Given the right amount of funding, I truly believe the museum would be AWESOME. Nonetheless, I hate to see something that has so much potential to be a significant asset to our state, and the city of New Orleans close. 

*Please do not let my disappointment in the museum deter you from checking it out yourselves.*


After a very short museum visit, I was left to answer the question “Well what next?” Since we were already in the French Quarter, it seemed like a good idea to just walk and see where we ended up. This was quite the task with one and three years old boys in tow, but very well worth it. 

I have walked the French Quarter several times in my lifetime, and on this day, I saw the beauty of it all. This stroll with my mom and my sons brought me back to when I visited Barcelona and Valencia (the Spanish reigned in Louisiana), and how much I loved both cities.  


Witnessing my children encountering total strangers and being excited about it made me smile.



In true Louisiana fashion, everyone was hospitable. What really made my heart smile were my boys genuine interest in what they saw. The “Ooooo mama, what’s that?” question was asked at least one hundred times. We even crossed paths with a random Secondline, and my children being who they are, broke out into laughter and dance. Simply walking and people watching was fulfillment enough for my expectations I had of the day. We truly walked aimlessly until the boys began to tire. 

The street performers, buildings, small shops,  people enjoying themselves as if no one was watching, I loved it all! 


New Orleans is an enjoyable city with so much fun to offer. A planned museum visit turned into so much more. I walked away from the day believing that sometimes our plans do not work out so we can stumble onto something greater. A simple promenade through the French Quarter, exposed my sons to sights my mother did not expose me and my sisters to until we were teens. I am cheerful that I did not let the museum experience propel me into loading up, and driving back home. I am a planner, so when things do not go according to plan I freak. Carpe Diem is something I am working on, and NOLA was a great city to begin. Thank you New Orleans for showing this Louisiana girl and company a good time! 


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