10 Facts About Me

Sending positive energy everyone’s way.

I haven’t been writing much lately, and I miss it. One thing I have always wanted to do was give my readers some insight on who I am. What better way than to give you all some facts about me.

Let’s jump right in.

#1. Not that interesting, but worth noting,  I am the oldest sibling. At times I really hate it, because I’m often put in situations where i have to rescue my siblings. Oftentimes when I give advice, they don’t listen, and then I have to hit them with the “I told you so”. It’s a stressful job but somebody has to do it.

#2. Nobody believes me at first, but I wear a size 11 shoe. Once I convince people that its true, they always say my feet don’t look that big. I mean they are pretty proportionate to the rest of my body, so it doesn’t look strange. Here’s a post I’ve previously written on where I get most of my shoes, 6 Inch.

#3. I am a huge Future fan 🙈. I freakin love that man, he has a song for any mood that I may be in. I’m not sure why so many people dislike him and his music. Not only do I love his music, but he’s easy on the eyes. My friends tell me every time they see a post of his come up in their newsfeeds, they know it’s because I liked it.

I finally had a chance to meet him, and he said he liked my hair 😁




Performing his hit song “Mask off” June 22nd 2017, The Woodlands TX

#4. I am constantly changing my hair. I love trying new looks, it’s fun. People assume that people who change their hair a lot have no sense of self, and I completely disagree with that. I know who I am, and I simply like having different hairstyles and colors. 🤷🏾‍♀️

My current hair
My natural hair in twists

I miss my box braids
Feed-in braids

#5. Mental health is a serious issue to me. People very frequently brush mental health off,  and it’s not something to be taken lightly. I am highly upset when I hear people make jokes about the mental health of others. Inner peace is something everyone deserves to have. People should address issues they may have and not let anyone convince them that they’re crazy, making things up, or what have you. Seek the help that you need, you’ll love yourself for that. Your mental wellness is a great part of who you are. #6. ​I’ll probably be a forever student. My mom used to tell me as a teenager, that I’d probably be in school the rest of my life. I thoroughly enjoy school. Presently I have a Bachelors degree in History from the University of Louisiana Monroe (Go Hawks Go), I am currently working on my Masters in Public Administration. Once I finish my masters program, I plan to go to massage therapy school. I also have plans to become a certified doula. I do my best to let others know that you can accomplish any and everything you desire to do in life.

#7. I love to travel. My travels began in undergrad with study abroad. If you or anyone close to you has the opportunity to do so, GO FOR IT! My primary goal is to visit all states 2-3 times with a different adventure in mind every time. I include my children when deciding on what to do on our adventures. They come up with pretty sweet ideas, might I add. I have a Cabo and Korea trip in the works, so stay tuned for that. You should know travel really is not expensive with the right amount of planning.  Our latest adventure was to Lawn and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I encourage everyone to travel, even if its no mare than exploring other cities in the area you live.

I got to stop by Geronimo’s grave in Fort Sill

#8. I hate taking pictures! I would much rather be the person behind the camera. I find posing for pics extremely awkward. So I guess I could say I don/t like taking pics because I never know what how to pose. It’s not so bad when I have some direction on what to do.

#9. I can very easily unplug form the world. When I feel overwhelmed with life, my phone is the first thing to get the boot. I will put it on do not disturb and spend as much time alone as possible ( it can seem impossible with a 3 and 5 year old).  Hmm, I guess this goes back to number 5. My friends know that once I have figured it all out, I come back to society. Some would say that a Pisces thing. ♓️


Power of a Caption. Putting it all in Perspective 

A few days ago, I watched a video on Facebook about photographers and their perspective. I believe it was six photographers, photographing the same man, but they were each given a different story about him. The results of the photos were more than interesting to say the least. In that same day, I saw a meme of children playing, which seemed very innocent to me, but the caption attached twisted it into something far worse. 
Over the weekend, I spent the day with a friend (male friend, might I add), that I hadn’t seen in 5 years, nothing serious. When I returned home that evening and went through pics I had taken that day, a light bulb went off. People believe anything you post onto social media, if you spin it correctly. Everyone gets caught up on photos and their captions, not knowing the truth behind them. I had a picture of my friend going through his phone while we were waiting for our food. Something so boring, right? After going through all photos from the day, I chose that photo as the one I’d use. 

I am a very private person, my personal life hardly ever makes it to social media, so I knew this particular photo would stir some things up. I talked with one of my girlfriends about when would be the perfect time to post the photo. She told me to wait late at night, when people tend to do the most lurking. Next I needed a caption. We brainstormed, and came up with “distant lover”. Once I decided when and what the caption would say, I told the friend that was photographed what was going on. He thought it was funny. 

So here goes nothing! I posted the pic! Not that I cared, but it got a minimum number of likes, but that was expected. I’ll have you know I received some interesting messages the next day. The most interesting of them all, was from a guy I was supposed to be going on a date with at the end of the week.  


Mind you, I am a single woman, free to date as I please. He went on about how he knew that’s why I wasn’t giving him any of my time, so on and so forth. I explained to him that the photo was an experiment, but that fragile male ego just wouldn’t let him believe it. The kicker part of the convo was when he said “Right glad I didn’t waste my time and money“, ok sir, if that’s how you feel. 

I received other messages as well, but the people they came from were totally expected. 

The sole purpose of this was to see first hand how people believe anything. People see things others post and romanticize. We all tend to be a little extra with our captions on pictures, that’s why one should know not to believe everything you read. We can lead people to believe things about our lives that simply are NOT true. Stop falling victim to any and everything that you see. Evaluate what you’re putting out for the world to see. 

The fact that men still view women as “their property” was something else I learned from this. As long as I portray myself as a damsel in distress, men are interested. That’s not how this works fellas. When you are single, you can date whomever you please. Once it is agreed that you are in a relationship, then the dating of others should cease. Oh, here’s a little secret, you can date people and not be sexual with them. *Gasps* shocking, but true. We are not your property because you took us on a few dates. 

Back to the original issue at hand. Who are you attempting to convince with your captions, yourself or the public? A picture is worth a thousand words, what words are giving your photos value? 

Since writing this, I found the link to the video I mentioned, so take a look http://www.shutterbug.com/content/lab-pushes-boundaries-photography-decoy#ZSw7m6MjeGmpwY87.97

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