Pose For The Camera

Today was a glorious day in my life!

I received my vintage Polaroid camera in the mail. Delivery was delayed by two days, for what reason idk.

When I checked the mail, I literally started dancing. As soon as I got in the house I bust the box open. My son was hella confused as to what it was that I had.

Once he realized how it worked, “Mama, take my picture” is all he kept saying. I obliged. He was so stoked. As was I 🤗

When we went to pick big brother up from school, baby boy couldn’t wait to spill the beans. Of course brother wanted a pic too.

After I took his photo, he laughed about how bright the flash was, 🤷🏾‍♀️.

We are going to have tons of fun with this camera.

If you’re interested in purchasing one, I got it at Polaroid Originals. It was super easy to purchase and shipping was surprisingly fast. Keep in mind these cameras are refurbished.

I’m super excited to have this camera in my possession now.


❄️ Snow Day ❄️

Yesterday was a snow day in Southeast Texas, but we only got sleet. I’m a little salty about that. We were indoors pigging our on king cake and chips and salsa 😩. Our first and last true snow day was back in December, and my sons and I had a blast.

We don’t get snow days often, so when we do, they’re extremely memorable. So because we were snow-less, I’ll show some of our pics from the last snow day.

Baby boy was truly amazed.

He was super excited about a snowball fight

He’s not too fond of the snow.

Even though we had no snow day yesterday, our December snow day was pretty cool. It inspired me to plan a vacation to somewhere with better snow. As a kid I lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I think it’d be pretty cool to take the boys. I vividly remember our snow days there.

Do you enjoy snow days? What are some of your favorite winter destinations? Do you live in a place that gets snow regularly during the winter?

I’d love to make friends with other moms in various cities. I just think it’d be cool to say “Hey! We’re going to visit insert name here over in DC this winter”.

In the age of social media, we have opportunities to make friends all over, but I think we’re all scared for whatever reasons.

Anyhow, I’m still salty about no snow yesterday! 

Fresh Out the Bed

For the last six years, I have dreaded getting up in the morning.  Why do I have to get up, can I wait until mid morning?

It wasn’t until March of this year that I decided to get my sleeping habits/pattern under control. This was a result of me acquiring an IPhone 6 Plus and utilizing the bedtime and sleep analysis feature.

My sleep habits were HORRIBLE! I was averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night. I kept wondering how was I able to function throughout the day. I had to get this together and quickly. That also meant that I had to get my boys sleep habits under control as well.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, someone in my age range (26-64) needs anywhere between 7-9 hours each night.

Clearly I was nowhere close to that.

I took the time out to create an evening schedule so that I could be in the bed by 9:45.

I noticed a drastic change in how I felt every morning, except one thing…


I figured I’d set alarms at intervals to slowly pull me out of my sleep. At the time it did not cross my mind, but we sleep in stages, so wouldn’t it make sense that we wake up in stages.

I did no research to see if it would help, I just went straight for experimentation.

With the sleep analysis feature, an alarm is already set for the time you desire, so there is no need to set another for the same rime. Mine is set to go off at 5am, with the subsequent alarms going off at 5:30, 5:45, and 6am.

The alarm set via the sleep analysis feature plays a soft music when it goes off, that does not abruptly wakens me. I am cognizant enough to turn it off, but not completely awakened either.

My 5:30 alarm is the standard alarm sound that comes on the iPhone. That alarm is also tolerable, as I had previously heard an alarm and am now aware that it is almost time to rise

5:45 alarm goes off to the sounds of I Can by HoodRich Pablo Juan & Migos. It helps to get me pumped about getting out of bed and doubles as a bit of motivation.

Lastly, my 6am alarm goes off to the tune of Deadz by Migos. This song totally gets me hyped and encourages one to get those dead presidents (money for those who don’t know).

This may seem like a long process, but it’s completely worth it. I don’t feel like I was cheated out of any rest when I do get out of the bed.  I genuinely feel like a productive member of society when I get up.

I have even tried this with my boys who are most definitely not morning people. I noticed a change in attitude once they are up versus when I would just wake them up and make them immediately get day started. I hear “Good morning mommy” versus them growling and whining.

Get On Up by Jodeci is the song I use to wake my boys.

I am obviously no professional, but I am a busy mama who was tired of feeling, and I am here to share the things I have tried.  This method worked the first try around for me, and we have been using it for months.

Additionally, I had to learn that staying up late to do things while the kids are sleeping was unhealthy.

In conclusion, how you wake up is just as important as falling asleep.

If you try it let me know what you did differently and if you also try it with your children.

Thanks for reading!

 10 Facts About Me

Sending positive energy everyone’s way.

I haven’t been writing much lately, and I miss it. One thing I have always wanted to do was give my readers some insight on who I am. What better way than to give you all some facts about me.

Let’s jump right in.

#1. Not that interesting, but worth noting,  I am the oldest sibling. At times I really hate it, because I’m often put in situations where i have to rescue my siblings. Oftentimes when I give advice, they don’t listen, and then I have to hit them with the “I told you so”. It’s a stressful job but somebody has to do it.

#2. Nobody believes me at first, but I wear a size 11 shoe. Once I convince people that its true, they always say my feet don’t look that big. I mean they are pretty proportionate to the rest of my body, so it doesn’t look strange. Here’s a post I’ve previously written on where I get most of my shoes, 6 Inch.

#3. I am a huge Future fan 🙈. I freakin love that man, he has a song for any mood that I may be in. I’m not sure why so many people dislike him and his music. Not only do I love his music, but he’s easy on the eyes. My friends tell me every time they see a post of his come up in their newsfeeds, they know it’s because I liked it.

I finally had a chance to meet him, and he said he liked my hair 😁




Performing his hit song “Mask off” June 22nd 2017, The Woodlands TX

#4. I am constantly changing my hair. I love trying new looks, it’s fun. People assume that people who change their hair a lot have no sense of self, and I completely disagree with that. I know who I am, and I simply like having different hairstyles and colors. 🤷🏾‍♀️

My current hair
My natural hair in twists

I miss my box braids
Feed-in braids

#5. Mental health is a serious issue to me. People very frequently brush mental health off,  and it’s not something to be taken lightly. I am highly upset when I hear people make jokes about the mental health of others. Inner peace is something everyone deserves to have. People should address issues they may have and not let anyone convince them that they’re crazy, making things up, or what have you. Seek the help that you need, you’ll love yourself for that. Your mental wellness is a great part of who you are. #6. ​I’ll probably be a forever student. My mom used to tell me as a teenager, that I’d probably be in school the rest of my life. I thoroughly enjoy school. Presently I have a Bachelors degree in History from the University of Louisiana Monroe (Go Hawks Go), I am currently working on my Masters in Public Administration. Once I finish my masters program, I plan to go to massage therapy school. I also have plans to become a certified doula. I do my best to let others know that you can accomplish any and everything you desire to do in life.

#7. I love to travel. My travels began in undergrad with study abroad. If you or anyone close to you has the opportunity to do so, GO FOR IT! My primary goal is to visit all states 2-3 times with a different adventure in mind every time. I include my children when deciding on what to do on our adventures. They come up with pretty sweet ideas, might I add. I have a Cabo and Korea trip in the works, so stay tuned for that. You should know travel really is not expensive with the right amount of planning.  Our latest adventure was to Lawn and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I encourage everyone to travel, even if its no mare than exploring other cities in the area you live.

I got to stop by Geronimo’s grave in Fort Sill

#8. I hate taking pictures! I would much rather be the person behind the camera. I find posing for pics extremely awkward. So I guess I could say I don/t like taking pics because I never know what how to pose. It’s not so bad when I have some direction on what to do.

#9. I can very easily unplug form the world. When I feel overwhelmed with life, my phone is the first thing to get the boot. I will put it on do not disturb and spend as much time alone as possible ( it can seem impossible with a 3 and 5 year old).  Hmm, I guess this goes back to number 5. My friends know that once I have figured it all out, I come back to society. Some would say that a Pisces thing. ♓️

Do You Boo!

It’s swimsuit season, yikes! Many of us will be spending more time at beaches, pools, and water parks where we will be showing more skin than usual.

Thanks to social media, there have been memes circulating about beach bodies and whatnot, typical right?

If you’re like me, you have things about your body you don’t like, and may not be comfortable being in a swimsuit.  I am here to tell you the things you do not like, tend to be the things others admire.

In my case, I have lost muscle definition due to me not working out as much like I have done in the past.  As much as I dislike how I look now, so many other mothers compliment me, and I genuinely never know how to feel. It’s quite possible these same women feel the same way when others compliment them. Strange, I know.

I recently wore a two-piece to the pool, and I was freaking out over whether or not people would notice my stretch marks on my stomach. Guess what? NOBODY cared! I was freaking over nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I’m here to tell you, embrace those imperfections! They make you who you are. As I tell people, my stretch marks add character. Don’t let your own thoughts be the thing to discourage you from wearing something you’d totally look bomb in!

When someone compliments you, take it as an affirmation, and don’t be afraid to compliment others. We all need that extra umph every now and again.

This season when venturing to participate in the various water activities, wear what you’re comfortable in, and do you boo!

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Thanks for reading!!

Megabus or nah?

As everyone knows, I like to travel, and I do so with my children. One day I got the  idea to surprise my dad, he lives in Florida, with an impromptu trip. I hadn’t seen my dad in about a year, due to me dealing with things with my youngest son. Anyhow, I was left with what would be the best way, financially, to reach our destination. I could purchase plane tickets, but I didn’t know how long we would stay, or I had the option of driving  10+ hours with my boys. I have never road tripped that long without an alternate driver, so I was like ehh. Then I thought about Megabus.

Megabus advertises to have fares as low as $1, you really can’t beat that. Then I started thinking about how the actual ride would be for such low costs. I also considered pros and cons of me driving versus riding the bus. If I drive I have to factor in the cost of fuel, food, actual driving time, and being a referee to my boys. If I choose the bus, I pay and ride and can attend to my children accordingly. The only real con was simply being on a bus.

I decided to go with Megabus. I literally packed, bought tickets, and left all in the same day. I actually bought the tickets online en route to the bus station. The requirements for luggage were the same as any airline I have traveled, one bag per reservation and a carryon.


Let’s talk about the ride! It truly wasn’t bad at all. I chose seats closest to the restroom, as traveling with a 4 year old requires lots of potty breaks. For obvious safety reasons, I placed my boys in the window seat, and I sat in the isle seat. Road trip essentials were packed in our carryon, Leap Frog tablet, coloring book, etc. I also had diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer on hand. Being that we left the terminal a little after midnight, the boys went straight to sleep.

There were two drivers on the bus we were on. I’m not sure if it’s standard procedure to have alternating drivers, but I thought that was smart. We also stopped for meals which helped with not having to pack snacks. Obviously, people were on and off at each stop, we stopped in Mobile, Tallahassee, Gainesville, before reaching the final stop in Orlando. All passengers were courteous of others, the temperature on the bus was just right at all times. There’s nothing I can really find fault with for this particular trip.

Once we reached the final stop, they unloaded all luggage first and then let us off, which made picking your luggage up fairly simple. I’d definitely travel using Megabus again, especially if it will cut down the cost of travel for me. My boys were antsy towards the end of the ride, but that’s to be expected. But yea, Megabus is great so far. I’ll come back and update on the return trip!  Thanks for reading!

**UPDATE** Well I learned that having alternating drivers is standard, which makes sense. Our return journey was just as smooth as our departure. Our drivers were butt holes to say the least. They have seemed like the type to abuse authority, but who am I to say. All in all, I am very pleased with Megabus and will definitely be utilizing them again!

           Greetings from Florida! 

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 I am she… She is me!

I’m about six or so posts into my blog, and realized I’ve never introduced myself to the world. It has taken me a few days to conjure up how I wanted to do so. I am such a private person, but I believe my experiences can and will inspire someone else. I hope I do not bore you, as I can be a bit wordy.

We live in a society where people will look down their noses at you when you talk about your accomplishments, and will smile at your “failures” (I do not believe in failures, only life lessons). I know that everyone has a story that will uplift someone else. We should all be proud of our trials and tribulations, as well as our accomplishments, you never know who you will inspire. 

I am Sarah, a 27 year old college grad, mother of two, crafter, seeker of all thing holistic etc. Like most of us in America, I was told to go to college and get an education so I could get a great job; I did that. I was the first woman in my family to go through high school and college without getting pregnant and having to drop out. However I became pregnant my last semester of college. In college I became the first in my family to study abroad, not only once, but twice. 


My first trip out of the country I went to Cusco, Peru. I loved every bit of it. One of my proudest life moments happened on this trip. I hiked Macchu Picchu, and it was AMAZING! Peru was unlike anything I had ever experienced. This trip showed just how much we, those of us from the United States, take for granted. It was weird not having hot water like we do here, or not being able to flush tissue. I learned to appreciate the little things. The cuisine was different, but I enjoyed it. Every now and again, I get a taste for some of the things I had eaten there. Being able to visit the indigenous people was quite an experience. Learning how the people relied so much on nature was rather awesome. Many of the things I learned from them helped me to further understand traditions we have here in the U.S. 


Hiking Macchu Picchu was indescribable. This was where I got my first bit of confirmation that there is something much greater out there. 

The landscape was breathtaking! 

Aside from living in Colorado Springs, I have never experienced nature like this. The hike was not the easiest, but the scenery made up for it. There was even a moment where a random llama came running through as we were hiking, and I thought that was the funniest thing ever. The view from the top of Macchu Picchu was wondrous, it is something I will never forget. When my boys are older, I will definitely be taking them to experience this for themselves. 


My second trip out of the country was to Spain, visiting Barcelona and Valencia. I took on Spain 4 months pregnant. My experience was a little different than in Peru, as I could not party as much. I loved the hustle and bustle that Spain offered. I particularly loved the cuisine, as being a Louisiana native, I enjoy seafood. In Spain I encountered metros/subways for the first time. Navigating the busy streets of Barcelona was a completely new experience for me, as the closest I had ever come to that was the French Quarter. Essentially, they lived no different than we did in the US. As I was carrying a bundle of joy, I paid close attention how the children and teenagers were far less restricted than those in the U S of A. 


Park Güell and La Sagrada Família were amazing sights. It proved how man made creations can be just as beautiful as those created by nature. 


Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe in Valencia was a place I could spend hours upon hours. It had many things that anyone remotely interested in science would enjoy. When I visited, there was a Marvel exhibit, I am not sure if it is still there today. My eldest son would flip if he could see the exhibit, although he was there (in the womb baking). 


Visiting Spain fostered my love/hate relationship with gelato, I ate it everyday. I left Spain with a greater appreciation for city life, and the busyness that comes with it. The greatest lesson learned in Spain was to appreciate family, as they shape who we are. I also got the memo to let children be children, stop restricting what they can do based upon our fears of what might happen. 
Motherhood, is by far my greatest accomplishment. I birthed my first son November 2011. I was so terrified of childbirth! I had prepared myself by watching documentaries along with a lot of reading, as I opted for a natural water birth  and a midwife.

I had actually been in early labor since Sunday, the 22nd was a Tuesday that year. I woke up in pain, but it was still rather bearable. I continued on about my day with the occasional pauses because of contractions. Around noon I vomited, and that is when everyone demanded I go to the hospital. We get to the hospital, I check in, and was examined. I was still only two centimeters!!! The nurses said that walking was a great way to help speed up the process. We walked and walked and walked until I could not take it anymore, so we go back into the triage room. I vomit again! Gross, I know! I remember this moment, and laugh because it is still funny today. As I was vomiting, my water broke. I calmly turn to dad and said “My water just broke“. He was so discombobulated by the statement that he ran out of the room to find a nurse, and left me alone while my water was just oozing. He quickly came back in and pressed the call button, and notified the nurse. It was game time. I was moved to the birthing room for water births. Labor was nothing like the typical portrayal on tv. I was calm thoughout it all, some say I am an unusually calm person. I credit my calmness to my mental preparedness. Long story short, November 22nd, 2011, my first born was here. Weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds 4 ounces.  


Baby number two made his arrival June 13th, 2013. This pregnancy and birth was quite different than the first. This go round, I opted for a traditional hospital birth and doctor, simply for convenience. BIG MISTAKE!! With baby two, I went pass my expected due date, which was ok with me. A due date is simply an estimation, babies come when they are ready. 

I went for my 40 week checkup, and everything went well. I was informed that if I went any longer, I could possibly need a c-section as baby was pushing 9lbs. They told me they were admiting me to be induced. Umm ok, I thought. I did not want to be induced AT ALL! I lied about needing to make arrangements for my son before I could be admitted. I went home, and worked on inducing labor myself. Nothing worked, I mean nothing. I was upset! So finally after 4 days of unsuccessfully inducing labor, I checked into the hospital.

Because I had gone against his word, my doctor was a world class butthole. The nurses went over everything, gave me this big speech about Pitocin. I had heavily researched prior to, but I listened anyway. After the Pitocin drip began, I asked if I could walk around to speed things up, as expected the doctor told me no. I asked a few more times, spanning about 5 hours. Still no, and that was fine with me. This is my body and my baby, and you cannot do anything I do not allow you to, so I just relaxed. I sat and slept, sat and slept finally things got moving. I was in labor for 24 hours. This go around it only took two good pushes for me to deliver my baby. Baby number two checked in at 8 pounds 10 ounces. I’m sort of a champ at birthing big babies!


I am forever grateful for and forever in love with my boys. I have spent the last 5 years balancing my children, work, and following my dreams. I found that motherhood and everything it entails has given me that extra drive to pursue my dreams. In the beginning I was discouraged that because I was a mom, I’d have to put everything else on a shelf and come back to it later. Women can be so wrapped up in being a mom, the we abandon our dreams. Yes, we are mothers first, but we are much more than that. 

She is a mom, a traveler, a designer, a holistic healer, a teacher, a blogger, etc. I am she, she is me!

A big thank you to anyone who keeps up with my posts, your following is more than appreciated. Stick with me as I venture through blogging and opening up my life and my experiences with you all.


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Road to El Paso

This year, I decided to do Thanksgiving in El Paso with my baby sister. Earlier this year we road tripped for the birth of my nephew. I had planned how and what I’d pack ahead of time, but my sister went into labor earlier than anyone expected. She also birthed my nephew before we even left our hometown. Disappointing, as she had been there when I had my boys, but babies come when they are ready.

Nonetheless, I wanted this trip to be properly planned, so that it’d go as smoothly as possible. Pinterest had a plethora of ways to pack and activities to bring, and they all seemed like great ideas. Nothing really seemed practical for me, so I did what I thought was best for us.

Everyone was given their own duffle bag. I packed fairly basically, standard jean/pants colors with a variety of shirts. I’ve previously tried the packing specific outfits for each day, didn’t work, as I generally dress according to my mood when I wake up. I didn’t pack essentials (toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, etc), I chose to buy them when we reached our destination. The most challenging part of packing this time, was making sure my boys wouldn’t bore easily and quickly. 

My boys are 4 and 1 and they’ll pick fights with each other when they get bored. We were facing an 18 hour drive and I definitely didn’t want them to fuss and fight. I kept the items packed for them very simple. My 4 year old had to have his handy dandy Leap Frog Leap Pad 2. Dad had just purchased him the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Mathematics game cartridge, this was a great time for him to start using it. He was also equipped with crayons, and handwriting pad, his Spanish language toy, and a composition notebook. 


For my baby boy I solely packed his Leap Frog My Own LeapTop. Both boys had their own book sacks, so no confusion would come over who had what, so I thought. 

  Waiting for Gigi to pull up.

We had a big breakfast, that consisted of oatmeal (actual oats cooked on the stovetop), scrambled eggs, and toast. As far as packing snacks, I kept it very simple. We had a few bags of chips and water, we stopped for lunch in Beaumont, TX. We drove until we reached Schulenburg Texas, where we stopped for a 2 hour nap. I don’t sleep much on road trips, so while everyone was sleeping I explored the store we stopped at. I hit the mother load! I hadn’t had Blue Bell ice cream in ages, and it’s still not available in Louisiana. 
  It was sooo good!

Nap time was over, time to get back on the road. Not before my oldest vomited in the backseat. Luckily to my being prepared, the backseat had been covered with towels, so any mess could quickly be cleaned. Also an extra set of clothing was in each of their book sacks. 
Back on the road. The rest of the trip went smoothly. I’m pretty sure that my preparedness for this trip helped it go smoothly. I was so hell bent on having everything  perfectly packed and being prepared, but ended up going with what works for us. I found that the key for road tripping with children is knowing what your children like and how long it’ll be before they get agitated. Lol, I forgot to mention we made it pass Whiskey Bay and had to go back to Baton Rouge because my mom forgot her bag with her shoes. 

So travel with children is possible, just be prepared for anything.
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Down in New Orleans 



As a mom, I try to expose my boys to as many great experiences as possible. We have been to countless museums, and many more are on the list. About two weeks ago, I was looking for museums in New Orleans to visit. I came across the Musée Conti Wax Museum, and thought “Hmm this seems interesting”. I am a Louisiana native, Baton Rouge born and raised, and never have I ever been to this particular museum; sad, I know. Before deciding we would go, I did a little research so I would not be totally ignorant to what the museum offers. I have a history degree, so I try stay on my A game when visiting museums. On their website was this , “NOTE: Musee Conti will officially close on January 31, 2016!“. The history buff in me was shocked. I thought “Oh no we have to go visit”. 


Saturday morning arrives, I get the kiddos dressed, and we head out. On the way there (about an hour drive), I gave my usual museum pep talk. We arrive in the Big Easy, park, and make our way to the museum. We walked in and instantly I was excited! That is until we began the tour.  The lighting in the museum was horrible and there was quite a sharp odor, but that did not bother me. What did bother me was the fact that the exhibits were exceedingly basic.  I expected the exhibits to give greater details of events of New Orleans history. I believe majority of us Louisianians learned everything the museum had to offer in our grade school Louisiana history class. I just felt as if though many more events in New Orleans history should have been displayed. I was able to explain what was taking place in each exhibit before I read the description that went along with. 


As we concluded the tour, I was disappointed. My 3 year old very openly expressed how he did not like the museum either; that I did not want to hear. Maybe I set the bar for his expectations of museums high at an early age. Deep down I believe that because there were no hands on exhibits, he was not too fond of the museum. I was disappointed because of the potential this hidden gem has to be an even greater jewel to the city. The history and culture of New Orleans is very rich, and enjoyed by everyone. 


I am not quite sure why the museum is closing, but I will assume funding is a major factor based upon how plain it was. Yes it is a small museum compared to most, but size does not matter. Presentation is how you capture your audience, at least that’s what I think.  Given the right amount of funding, I truly believe the museum would be AWESOME. Nonetheless, I hate to see something that has so much potential to be a significant asset to our state, and the city of New Orleans close. 

*Please do not let my disappointment in the museum deter you from checking it out yourselves.*


After a very short museum visit, I was left to answer the question “Well what next?” Since we were already in the French Quarter, it seemed like a good idea to just walk and see where we ended up. This was quite the task with one and three years old boys in tow, but very well worth it. 

I have walked the French Quarter several times in my lifetime, and on this day, I saw the beauty of it all. This stroll with my mom and my sons brought me back to when I visited Barcelona and Valencia (the Spanish reigned in Louisiana), and how much I loved both cities.  


Witnessing my children encountering total strangers and being excited about it made me smile.



In true Louisiana fashion, everyone was hospitable. What really made my heart smile were my boys genuine interest in what they saw. The “Ooooo mama, what’s that?” question was asked at least one hundred times. We even crossed paths with a random Secondline, and my children being who they are, broke out into laughter and dance. Simply walking and people watching was fulfillment enough for my expectations I had of the day. We truly walked aimlessly until the boys began to tire. 

The street performers, buildings, small shops,  people enjoying themselves as if no one was watching, I loved it all! 


New Orleans is an enjoyable city with so much fun to offer. A planned museum visit turned into so much more. I walked away from the day believing that sometimes our plans do not work out so we can stumble onto something greater. A simple promenade through the French Quarter, exposed my sons to sights my mother did not expose me and my sisters to until we were teens. I am cheerful that I did not let the museum experience propel me into loading up, and driving back home. I am a planner, so when things do not go according to plan I freak. Carpe Diem is something I am working on, and NOLA was a great city to begin. Thank you New Orleans for showing this Louisiana girl and company a good time! 


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