That’s the Wild West!

My now 5 year old overlooking Horseshoe Bend on his birthday

The title of this blog was given by my 5-year old. We spent our Thanksgiving vacation in Arizona/Utah, and he was adamant on calling it the Wild West. 

Road trip ready šŸš— šŸ’Ø
My baby sister lives in El Paso, and we did Thanksgiving there again. Read about our last trip there here, Road to El Paso. I don’t know why my family allows me to convince them to make additional trips along with the trip we’re already taking. I somehow persuaded them into going to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, my mom also requested that we swing by Four Corners as well. 

And so we journeyed to El Paso, it took roughly a day from Baton Rouge. We’ve made this trip enough that we have breaks mapped out, stopping in various towns along the way. 

So let’s talk about the drive from El Paso to Arizona, AMAZING. Where I’m from it’s rather flat and water everywhere, so to see the topography change was just mind blowing. Hmm, I hope I used topography in context. 


ā€‹Somewhere in New Mexico

Anywho, the drive up to Page was roughly 9 hours. I will say that it is totally dark on those highways at night! I had never felt closer to the stars, you can see EVERYTHING. 

It was about 11pm when we arrived to our hotel, so we were in for the night. For some reason, I was the first person awake the next morning. When I opened the curtains, I was so excited. I can’t describe my love of nature and geography, but just know I was ready to get the day going. ā€‹

ā€‹Good morning from Page, Arizona

Our first stop on this adventure was Antelope Canyon. Here is where my son excitedly said ” Oooooh mama that’s the Wild West”.  It was so freakin cute and hilarious 

Our tour through the canyon was with Ken’s Tours, and Sitting Buffalo was our guide. 

The tours were delayed due to the previous day being rained out. They had to ensure that everyone got to experience the canyon. 

Here’s where our trek began

While we were waiting to actually go down, Sitting Buffalo told us how the  Navajo were able to keep their land. My immediate reaction was to blurt out “Well isn’t that some bullshit. The US government has some shit with them”. I didn’t mean to cuss, but hey. 

Going down into the canyon was scary because it was so steep. I had to hold my 45lbs 2-year old, as I didn’t trust his coordination. Honestly I was freaking out over my oldest climbing by himself , but I couldn’t carry the both of them without all of us falling.

Once we were inside, it was amazing! I cannot find the words to describe the canyon, so I’ll simply post photos for your viewing pleasure. There was some minor climbing to do while down in the canyon, my baby boy was able to handle it alone. 

Captured my mom capturing the beauty
Amir doing some climbing

The crew
After we were done at Upper Antelope Canyon, we took a short drive over to Horseshoe Bend. It’s a walk from the parking area. Like prepare for you daily cardio type of walk, it’s on an incline. *You were warned* The walk is well worth the view!

There were a lot of people at the top, so I had to get in where I could to capture photos. I very badly wanted a pic sitting on the edge, but the shoes I had worn didn’t have the proper grip, and I was not ready to risk my life for a photo op. 

Again, I could list several adjectives to describe Horseshoe Bend, but I’ll just leave you with photos. The photos hardly do any justice to the beauty of this place.

My family enjoying the sunset

How can you not love this view?

The final piece of this vacation, was a stop over at the Four Corners monument. Here is where Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet. 

It’s really not much to see there, but it’s cool that you can be in four states at once. Thanks to the History Channel docu-series  How the States Got Their Shapes, I just had to visit. We made the best out of it.

We had a blast in this trip.

The Wild West was quite relaxing. I’m already planning another trip, specifically to Monument Valley. 

Thanks for reading!! 

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